Robotics  20 Sep 2018

German robotics project, Roboy 2.0, uses Fusion 360 and generative design to match human evolution

From a robot’s point of view, the human body is a masterpiece: agile, dynamic and flexible yet…
Andre Pechmann
Future of Making Things  19 Sep 2018

Accelerate heads to Toronto to explore the Future of Making

Accelerate is five! Years old, that is. To celebrate, we’re taking on a new city, a new venue and…
Jamie Eckmier
Future of Making Things  7 Sep 2018

What We Like This Week: Powerful Concrete and Productive Conversations

The world needs more buildings (and more people to build them), more ways to make things move, and…
Mouncey Ferguson
Product Development  6 Sep 2018

One Fusion 360

Generative design. Advanced simulation. 5-axis machining. Until now, advanced Fusion 360…
Srinath Jonnalagadda
Future of Making Things  24 Aug 2018

What We Like This Week: Batteries, Brackets, and a Better Bangkok

Your local park is now multi-tasking and your car has lost weight. See what’s ahead for the…
Mouncey Ferguson
Future of Making Things  10 Aug 2018

What We Like This Week: Rocks, Robots, and Recovering Vets

New challenges require not just new solutions, but new approaches to how we solve problems. This…
Mouncey Ferguson
Robotics  30 Jul 2018

NASA and Autodesk experiment with 3D-printing robots to build human habitats on other planets

With multinational corporations competing against billionaire-backed startups to launch the first…
Raymond Deplazes
Future of Making Things  27 Jul 2018

What We Like This Week: Bricks, Bots, and Better Architecture

Have you heard? Our industries are changing in ways both large and small. This week, we find…
Mouncey Ferguson
Robotics  23 Jul 2018

Can machine learning turn industrial robots into masters of assembly and construction?

If you dump a pile of toy bricks in front of a kid, not much time passes before they figure out how…
Raymond Deplazes