Media & Entertainment  27 Sep 2022

M&E at AU: Studios empowered to create more content, faster in the cloud

Cloud enables industry collaboration and better workflows for better, faster content creation
Diana Colella
Our Company  27 Sep 2022

Autodesk Paves Path to Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Introducing three industry clouds at Autodesk University: Forma, Flow, and Fusion
Autodesk PR
Media & Entertainment  14 Sep 2022

Autodesk launches Maya Creative for more flexible and affordable artist workflows

Content creation now more accessible to artists at smaller facilities
Diana Colella
Media & Entertainment  25 Mar 2022

Autodesk honors next generation of filmmakers with the VES Student Award

14th annual Student Award presented by Autodesk during this year’s Visual Effects Society Awards
Jocelyn Moffatt
Media & Entertainment  17 Jun 2021

Weta Digital Partners with Autodesk to Deliver Next Gen Cloud Production

WetaM pipeline powered by Maya and Weta Digital will be the first VFX pipeline available as a cloud…
Diana Colella
Media & Entertainment  22 Apr 2021

Autodesk Congratulates This Year’s Academy Awards Contenders

Visionaries behind top VFX & animated films bring cinematic worlds to the big screen with…
Jocelyn Moffatt
Media & Entertainment  6 Apr 2021

Autodesk Celebrates Emerging Talent With VES Student Award

19th VES Awards honor top achievement by young creatives with Student Award, presented by Autodesk
Jocelyn Moffatt
Future of Making  30 Mar 2021

Getting Up to Speed on Digital Transformation

The pandemic will speed up digital transformation by 5 years. See what this could mean at NVIDIA GTC
Amy Bunszel
2 Feb 2021

Shotgun Software Wins Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

For software developers working in the media and entertainment space there is no greater honor than…
Sarah Hodges