Our Company  17 May 2019

Exploring the Future of Corporate Environmental Responsibility 

I’m passionate about helping customers design and make a better world – one that is…
Lynelle Cameron
Education & Community  8 May 2019

Finding Community From Within: Two Members of the Autodesk Black Network Share Their Stories

As a 37-year-old technology company, Autodesk is dedicated to fostering and evolving a more diverse…
Melanie Abril
Future of Making  1 May 2019

Illustrating the Future of Making [infographic]

The Future of Making story told in a visual, digestible format.
Bill Danon
Education & Community  24 Apr 2019

Is the US Prepared for the Impacts of Automation?

A new report, “Automation and a Changing Economy”, outlines how policymakers and…
Joe Speicher
Education & Community  3 Apr 2019

These 12 Schools Inspired Us with Their Winning Submissions for Our Make It Real Challenge

Twelve schools will get hardware and software to help create makerspaces at their schools.
Sarah O'Rourke
Product Development  2 Apr 2019

Granta’s Custom Skull Implants Are Designed and Made in Mexico, With Love

Dr. Monroy uses digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing to develop custom skull implants.
Claire Collins
Construction  27 Mar 2019

Why 40 Universities Have Adopted PlanGrid to Build and Maintain Their Campuses

Digitizing construction is an imperative in universities’ complex construction environments.
Meredith Obendorfer
AEC  26 Mar 2019

By the Numbers: How BIM Meets the Global Need for Green Building

With the AIA 2030 Commitment not far on the horizon, the need for advanced, agile and accurate…
Vikram Dutt
Future Workforce  25 Jan 2019

What We Like This Week: Thinking Ahead

Better doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through purpose, connection, and community. Check…
Mouncey Ferguson