Our Company  27 Sep 2022

Autodesk Paves Path to Digital Transformation in the Cloud

Introducing three industry clouds at Autodesk University: Forma, Flow, and Fusion
Autodesk PR
Media & Entertainment  7 Jan 2021

Veteran Autodesker Promoted to Lead Media & Entertainment Group

Diana Colella promoted to SVP of Media & Entertainment at Autodesk
Stacy Doyle
Media & Entertainment  18 Dec 2020

Autodesk Applauds Customer Excellence in Artistry in Media & Entertainment Industry

Autodesk Applauds Customer Excellence in Artistry in Media & Entertainment Industry
Nancy LaRue
Media & Entertainment  17 Nov 2020

Autodesk Shotgun Introduces the Future of Production Management

Shotgun Software introduces the future of production management with generative scheduling,…
Sarah Hodges
AEC  12 Nov 2020

Powerful, Real-Time Collaboration Becomes a Reality with Autodesk and NVIDIA

Autodesk promotes the promise of remote, real-time, and near-seamless design collaboration on the…
Amy Bunszel
Manufacturing  19 Nov 2019

Autodesk & ANSYS at AU: Embracing the Opportunity for Better in Design & Manufacturing

Autodesk and ANSYS collaborate to promote simulation advancement and generative design.
Greg Fallon
Future of Making  9 Sep 2019

Automotive Industry Innovation Gets a Big Boost From Autodesk and Ansys Collaboration

At Autodesk, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers work smarter and more…
Greg Fallon
AEC  5 Jun 2019

Autodesk to Showcase New Unity Integration, Connected BIM at AIA 2019

Visualization and collaboration are at the heart of design, and new technologies like virtual and…
Vikram Dutt
Construction  3 May 2019

It’s All Coming Together: Collaborative VR Will Disrupt the Construction Industry

A new BIM360 integration with InsiteVR will allow customers to collaborate on their construction…
Jared Coelho