Construction  8 Nov 2018

With this Robot-filled Shipping Container, We're Bringing Manufacturing Technology to the Construction Site

By now you’ve heard Autodesk talk a lot about the convergence of industries – design,…
Nicolas Mangon
3D Printing  2 Nov 2018

What We Like This Week: Industry Meets Empathy

When it comes to the process of making, there is no final product. It’s always changing,…
Mouncey Ferguson
Infrastructure  22 Oct 2018

The Future of Infrastructure Will Be Smart

With the global population expected to increase to 9.7 billion people by 2050 – and 6.4 billion…
Leona Frank
Future of Making Things  24 Aug 2018

What We Like This Week: Batteries, Brackets, and a Better Bangkok

Your local park is now multi-tasking and your car has lost weight. See what’s ahead for the…
Mouncey Ferguson
Robotics  30 Jul 2018

NASA and Autodesk experiment with 3D-printing robots to build human habitats on other planets

With multinational corporations competing against billionaire-backed startups to launch the first…
Raymond Deplazes
Future of Making Things  15 Jun 2018

Bosch, RAMLAB lauded as manufacturing leaders by industry group

Two Autodesk customers receive Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious Manufacturing Leadership…
Lori Telles
Future of Making Things  8 May 2018

Check out this seaweed-inspired, 3D printed metal bottle opener

For Autodesk designer Andriy Banadyga, inspiration can come from anywhere. So when he was thinking…
Liz Nugent
Generative Design  3 May 2018

How GM and Autodesk are using generative design for vehicles of the future

General Motors’ auto engineers have been heavyweights in vehicle lightweighting for years. Just…
Bill Danon
Architecture  13 Apr 2018

What We Like This Week: Floating Houses and Hip Hop Architecture

Humans are taking robot jobs, houses are getting buoyant, and rockets are being 3D printed whole.…
Mouncey Ferguson